I AM The provider of images that feed your soul.

Photos that show you how f*cking beautiful you truly are!

Close your eyes, and imagine your perfect wedding day, that dream shoot.

Out in the middle of the back country,
In the local theatre where the two of you met,
Or sipping whiskeys in the Scottish isles.

Imagine looking into your partners eyes,
Just the two of you,
Nothing else matters,
Except the two of you,
Having the time of your f*ckn life!


It’s all about authentic love, and timeless memories, exploring the deepest corners of your soul and removing any blocks between how you see yourself and the person you truly are.

that’s why I shoot!

That Right there...

that’s why
I shoot!

HI, I'm Annelise

Because years, decades, even generations are going to go by and you’ll have your own prints in your hand and be telling the story of that photo to your loved ones the way my great grandmother did for me.

She was the woman who molded my outlook on life more than anyone and it’s in her memory that I create lasting, tangible memories for you.

The photos themselves were not just reminders of a single moment, either. They are anchors to memory. Anchors to life.

I remember sitting with my great grandmother going through a box of very old photographs. Ones printed on acid paper, so they were faded, dusty, and had THAT unique smell to them. For my great grandmother on that afternoon the memories were as clear as the day they’d been taken.

As she introduced me to all the people in the photos and told me their stories, she confided that she hadn’t thought of them in quite a while. But the smile on her face, the pure joy she told these stories with...

That’s why I love photography.



No matter what, from me and any other person on my team, you will always have judgement free acceptance. I choose love, I choose your love, no matter how you identify. 


During our shoots, we do everything in our power to limit the impact we have on the land.
We honor the Leave No Trace principles 'round here.

Life isn't about building a bigger fence, but a larger table. I promise as I grow to continue giving back to not only my local community but the global one at large.

I can't sit here preaching authenticity if I'm not fully authentic with you. I am how you see me online.

It's not all about epic photos...




Hands up if you love your pups! 

Feast your eyes on the cutest Red Fox Lab you'll ever meet. She's a bundle of cuddles, and derp magic. JUST LOOK AT THAT FACE!

She's a lover of adventure, so she made the perfect model for my husband's non-profit hat company.  

Your pets are as much a part of your life as you are! I say bring them along - they deserve the limelight as well!

Editing companion and CHo (chief happiness officer) 


There's someone else you have to meet

frame and flow

Frame and Flow is all about creating, connecting, and neurodiversity—the podcast where we dive deep into the world of portrait photography, business management, and the unique perspectives of neurodivergent artists.

I'm here to share my experiences, insights, and unconventional approaches to running a successful business as a business owner with TBI and ADHD.

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'I have loved ye from the moment I saw you, I will love ye 'til time itself is done, so long as you are by my side, I am well pleased with the world'

- Jamie Fraser

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